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Venue Operations

Venue Operations is a branch of USU Facilities which provides critical services and equipment to groups using USU Venues.  We partner with USU Event Services to ensure customers have a positive experience hosting and attending events in USU Venues. We also invite community groups, clubs and teams to earn money for their group as part of our Cleanup Groups program.

 Our Services

Facilities Maintenance

The Facilities Maintenance team performs custodial upkeep on all of USU's Venues to keep them up and running smoothly

Spectrum Cluster Coordinator:
Benjamin McCulloch | 435-797-4180 |

HPER Cluster Coordinator:
Chad Brooks |

Event Operations

The Event operations team provides on-site custodial services during events hosted in USU Venues.

Event Operations Leader:
Matthew Woodbury

Moving Services

The Moving Crew provides services to all of USU campus, not just USU Venues.  This crew can help you complete any on-campus equipment move, and are also responsible to delivery of USU rental equipment. See the Moving Services web page for more information.

Moving Crew Coordinator:
Jacob Hall | 435-797-2886 |

Equipment Rental

USU Venue Operations provides on and off-campus customers the the opportunity to rent equipment such as tables, chairs, pavilions, and more. Equipment rental for events is managed through USU Event Services. See the Equipment Rental web page for more information.

USU Event Services: | 435-797-0423 |

Cleanup Groups Community Fundraising

USU Venue Operations invites community groups to raise money by doing cleanup after large events hosted in USU Venues.  See the Cleanup Groups web page for more information

Cleanup Group Coordinator:
Gabriella Garrett | 435-797-0495 |

 Our Buildings

 A map of USU campus indicating buildings serviced by Venue Operations.


Link to Moving Services

Let Venue Operations staff simplify your on-campus office move.


Link to Clean-up groups

Clean up after events and earn money for your group with Venue Operations.


Link to equipment rentals

Need tables, chair or other equipment?  Rent them from USU Venue Operations.